I Declare Me-Made-May a Success

Since it is now June, Me-Made-May is officially over and I can happily report that I completed my challenge successfully; I managed to wear at least one handmade item 3 days per week (not including loungewear/sleepwear of which some is also me-made). I actually ended up exceeding that slightly since May has one long weekend so I wore 4 days of me-made that week. As I’ve said before I have to wear “professional” attire during the week for work (except Friday which is casual Friday), and since I have no desire to make that type of clothing; I wear all RTW and Me-Made-May did not change my attitude there. During Me-Made-May I discovered that I really need to sew more cardigans (any pattern suggestions anyone?), more skirts, and more comfortably fitting dresses. I guess I will need to get to revising my to-sew list.


Me Made May 2015

Well, last year I decided to pass on Me Made May since I certainly didn’t have enough wearable Me-Mades, and this year I was pretty undecided, but I think I am just going to do it. I think it will help me see more clearly what I wear that I have made and help steer me towards better pattern/fabric selections in the future.

So here goes, “I Megan of Smeebot Sews pledge to wear one handmade item 3 times per week during the month of May.”

Well I guess we’ll see how this goes.