Maroon Marianne (Okay, it’s really more of a claret, but whatever).

My Marianne!

My Marianne!

I bought the Marianne dress pattern and two kits from Christine Haynes on the day she released the pattern which was sometime before Christmas. I had been looking forward to her next pattern release as I really love the aesthetics of her designs and also because she is a totally awesome person. I was really busy with the holidays and I knew she was going to do a sewalong for Marianne, so I set the pattern aside and I am glad that I did since I ended up signing up for the Marianne sewing class at Sew LA taught by Christine herself.

Sew LA has recently changed how they offer classes, so this class was scheduled for one weekend, 6 hours of sewing Saturday and 3 hours of sewing Sunday and hopefully by the end of the weekend you should have a completed dress. I decided to make the dress using the rayon fabric from one of the kits that I bought from Christine’s website and I decided to do it all in one color which is very uncharacteristic for me, but I really am trying to make some more basic pieces. When we all went around the room stating which view we wanted to make (as we had the option to sew any combination of elements we wanted) I was the only one making view A and at the last minute I decided to make the sleeves so I could work through the construction in class.

During the first session we choose our sizes, I cut a straight size 0, cut out our paper pattern pieces, cut out our fabric pattern pieces and then it was pretty much time for lunch. By the end of class we managed to make it all the way through sewing our side seams before it was time to go home. For Sunday’s class all we had left to do was sleeve cuffs, neck binding, hemming, and then sewing buttons to the sleeve cuffs. Since I had made such a simple fabric choice I decided to use some novelty heart buttons. Everything went pretty smoothly and everyone ended up finishing their dress by the end of class. I feel like the thing people struggled most with was hand sewing buttons 😛

Partway through construction I was a little scared that the dress was going to be tiny, but it actually fits really well and I think it is super cute. I was thinking that this dress could end up like my Coco (never worn because it looks like shapeless pajamas on me), but I actually really like the fit of this dress. It was relatively simple and quick to sew (I guess that may depend on fabric choice) and I think the finished dresses looked really flattering on everyone. I really highly recommend this pattern to anyone interested in sewing knits.

Ignore the crazy face

Ignore the crazy face

From the back

From the back


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