Way Too Big Washi



After chatting with some fellow sewists at the Sew-LA birthday party I decided to finally bite the bullet and make the Washi dress. The pattern has been sitting in my stash for months, but I just knew that the top was going to be too big and I am not really to the point in my sewing where I know how to make adjustments. But I decided to forge ahead anyways and picked out an Anna Maria Horner quilting cotton that I had in my stash. I cut out the smallest size with no adjustments.

I found that the dress sewed up pretty quickly. In one night I had the shirring done, the front was attached to the back, I had the facings in and I was ready to attach the sleeves, but I figured I had better try the dress on. Good thing I did, it was huge! I could stuff another me in the front of that dress! I certainly could not bend down in this dress. I pinched and pinned and figured out that at least 3 inches would need to come out.  I tried to figure out what the best way to fix the top was and decided to just take it in in the sides and see how that worked…So I took in the top over an inch in each side. Well, now the dress was uncomfortably tight around the arms and there was still gappage at the front….I sat down and took the top apart and put the dress aside.

Luckily for me the next day I had a private lesson with the lovely Haley at Sew LA to help me do a small bust adjustment to my Emery dress pattern. When I got home I attempted a SBA on my Washi pattern. I took in my bust darts by about 7/8″ and this time sewed up a muslin of the front and sewed it into the rest of the dress. Hmm, there was still some gappage so I  then took out over an inch from the font. I recut out my top from my fashion fabric and sewed it up. I tried it on and the fit was pretty good, yay! All that was left was to sew my sleeves, bind my sleeves, tack down my facing and sew the lining.

Arm hole binding

Arm hole binding

I ended up using pre-made binding, which I think was too small and made things a little bit difficult to sew, but it looks okay so I am fine with it. I then tacked down my facing and sewed my hem by hand.

Overall I am really happy with the way it came out. I think I would like to make the Washi again, but maybe in a softer, more comfortable fabric. Suggestions?
Not a bad fit

Not a bad fit

Shirring keeps it pretty snug in the back

Shirring keeps it pretty snug in the back


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