Pattern Testing – The Senna Dress

When Lindsay Woodward put up a blog post looking for people to test the Senna dress I volunteered. I thought the pattern was cute and figured it could be fun. She sent out an email with the pdf pattern and instructions and gave us 10 days to give feedback. I was really excited and printed my pattern, assembled it, cut it out, cut out my fabric and started sewing that day.  I couldn’t finish however because the pattern calls for elastic thread, which I did not have. I did end up running to Jo-Ann’s the next day to get some and they did not have a lot of selection.

Body did I have trouble with the elastic thread. I just could not get it to gather the fabric at all. I re-sewed with a longer stitch length, fiddled with tension, steamed the seams with my iron and even tried drying, but no matter what the seams would not shrink up. They do look a bit gathered when my skirt is flat, but once it is on they straighten right up. Lindsay did send out instructions/helpful tips for working with the elastic thread that would have helped me if I hadn’t rushed to sew the pattern right away.

No gathering to be seen

No gathering to be seen

I also picked the wrong fabric. The jersey I picked felt pretty heavy, but when I tried on my dress, the skirt was like a second skin; whoops. The top also came out a bit loose, but I knew it would. My bust is smaller than the smallest size for the pattern, but I figured if I was testing I didn’t really want to make any changes; plus it’s knit so it doesn’t really matter that much. If I was to make this pattern again, I would choose a heavier weight fabric and take in the top a smidge. For now I think I am going to take the skirt off the dress and turn the top into the crop top variation from the pattern.

Overall I think the pattern is cute and I think I will make another one once the pattern is officially released.

A bit big in the top....a bit tight in the bottom

A bit big in the top….a bit tight in the bottom

Very tight across the bum...whoops, bad fabric choice

Very tight across the bum…whoops, bad fabric choice


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