Dotty Delphine

Completed Delphine

Completed Delphine

I guess I am slowly making my way through Love at First Stitch by Tilly (of Tilly and the Buttons) as I have completed my second make from the book, the Delphine skirt. I generally prefer flared/gathered waist skirts, but I have seen a few cute Delphine’s popping up on the net and figured I should make one. I got some Nani Iro canvas last month from a cute little Japanese sewing store and figured it would work nicely for the skirt. I then picked out some silk from The Fabric Store to line the skirt with – I figured canvas might be scratchy on its own.
I am between a size 1 and 2, but decided to cut out a straight size 1 because my Coco dress (still unblogged :P) had a ton of ease in the waist/hip/back area. Cutting out and sewing the skirt was pretty easy; there aren’t that many pieces to the skirt. The directions in the book were clear and I used instructions on Tilly’s blog for lining the skirt. My issue came after I inserted the invisible zipper and sewed up the back of the skirt and then tried it on – it was so tight! Oh geez, now I was kicking myself for cutting out the 1 instead of grading to a 2. So I put down the skirt for the night and the next day I unpicked the back seam and the zipper (the waistband is attached before the zipper so it was way too much work to undo the side seams) and made my seam allowance smaller. I gained about 1/2″ this way and tried the skirt on again and it seemed to fit fine. I don’t know why the skirt seemed so snug the night before. I attached the lining, attached the facing and hemmed the skirt. All in all it looks pretty cute. My only issue with the finish is that there is a hole where the lining meets the zipper, I guess I missed in the directions how it is all supposed to be attached up there. I guess I will just go back and hand sew it.
My first lined garment!

My first lined garment!

I think I am definitely going to try this pattern again.

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