Mouse House Julie Cardigan

Not a bad fit

Not a bad fit

I am not a jacket person, I am a sweater person. I love long, lightweight sweaters that I can wrap myself in all year round. I wear the same sweaters in winter that I wear in summer. I wear sweaters all the time. I need new sweaters. After making my Copplia cardigan I started looking for patterns to make my own long drapey cardigan. I decided on the Julie cardigan pattern by Mouse House Creations. It is a pdf download that taped together pretty quickly. I used the same loose weave jersey knit from Girl Charlee that I made my last Coppelia cardigan out of only in a raspberry color. I cut a size XS, but added about an inch in length to each sleeve. I made the cuffs smaller by about an inch and ended up tapering the sleeves in by about an inch at the bottom (I don’t think I sewed each one up quite evenly, whooops) because the sleeves were too loose for my liking.  I really like how the sweater is constructed because it requires no hemming if you sew the double collar version, which I did. I think the sweater came out pretty well, but I wish it was a bit bigger/longer. I’m wondering if I should try making a larger size, if I should lengthen the pattern, or just look for a different cardigan pattern
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good cardigan pattern?
Tapered in at sleeves

Tapered in at sleeves

Very pink horsey fabric!

Very pink horsey fabric!


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