Copycat Out and About Dresses

Version # 1 – Sleeves
I downloaded the Out and About dress by Sew Caroline in the midst of my Moneta fitting troubles as I was curious to see if the top would fit me better because the XS has a smaller bust measurement. I decided to use some feather print jersey from Girl Charlee which is actually the same fabric the dress is shown in on the pattern except in a different colorway; call me a copycat, but after having issues with not enough stretch in the shoulders in my Moneta I figured couldn’t go wront using the same fabric the pattern maker used for the dress.I opted to make the half-sleeve knee length skirt version. I actually cut the dress out at the same time I cut out my gray horse Coppelia and Anima pants, but I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to sew up the dress (I think this feeling was coming how unhappy I was with my Moneta). Well this weekend the bf was out of town and since this was my last cut out project I figured I better sew it up so I could start cutting out new projects. The construction of the dress was pretty familiar now that I have sewn up a few t-shirts. I made no changes to the pattern except that I used clear elastic to stabilize the shoulder seems and I sewed a 1.5″ hem because I thought the dress was a bit long on me with the 1″ hem. I also decided to fold the cuff up all the way instead of .5″ because the sleeve was hitting me in a funny spot. The only trouble I had constructing the dress was sewing the gathered waist to the top neatly. My gathers ended up looking funny/smooshed on one side so I unpicked them and re-sewed only to realize I caught some extra fabric, so I took it out and did it again. My gathers still don’t look great, but I can live with it.  Overall I am pretty happy with the dress. It is a bit tight in the shoulders when I go to pull it off, but the fit of the top is so much better than my Moneta.

Out and about dress #1

Out and about dress #1


Out and about dress with sleeves

Out and about dress with sleeves








Version # 2- Sleeveless
I made a second Out and About dress, but this time opted to make the sleeveless version using the tutorial on Caroline’s blog. I used a jersey in the briar rose print by Heather Ross; so again I have copied Caroline, because this is the fabric used in the instructions for the Out and About dress. What can I say? I wanted to do the dress in a cute print for summer and I had enough of this fabric in my stash already.
The dress came together pretty easily, I sewed the dress in a day. This time I gathered the skirt panels on my serger. It was my first time using this technique and it was awesome! I also tried to attach some elastic at the waist to make the seam stretchier for when pulling the dress on and off, but I am not sure how well this worked. In order to make the dress sleeveless, I trimmed off 1/2″ from each side of the front and back bodice and used the arm bindings pattern pieces that Caroline has on her tutorial.The end result is pretty cute and comfy. I think I should have lowered the arm cycle because the sleeve cuts into my armpit, but oh well, next time I guess.

Sleeveless out and about dress

Sleeveless out and about dress


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