Tilly and the Buttons, Love at First Stitch – Clemence Skirt

Anchor Chambray

Anchor Chambray

When I saw that Love at First Stitch by Tilly (of Tilly and the Buttons) wasn’t being released in the US until October I figured that would give me plenty of time to get some other makes off my “to sew” list done before ordering the book and I placed the book on my Amazon wishlist. Well, I had been seeing a lot of cute Tilly and the Button makes lately and was feeling pretty jealous of all the UK sewists, so I ended up ordering the book, whoops. The book is really cute and fits the Tilly brand very well. It has a very clean, cute, Parisienne feel to it. The book teaches you various sewing techniques by walking you through different projects. I have had some anchor print Chambray by Robert Kaufman in my stash that I had been saving, but a couple weeks ago I saw the fabric made into a skirt on ModCloth which I thought looked perfect for summer. I was going to make a simple gathered skirt out of it,  I had made a few gathered skirts before, but decided to use the instructions from Love at First Stitch. For the Clemence skirt, Tilly basically goes over how to make a gathered skirt to fit your waist as an introduction to pattern making. Tilly suggests using French seams, but since I added pockets to my skirt I figured it would be too much of a pain to figure out how to incorporate the french seams with the pockets. Originally I was going to make the skirt sit lower on my hips so cut the waist band based on a 27″ waist, but when I tried it on after inserting the invisible zipper it just didn’t work right (of course this time my zipper looked good on the first try too). I took out the zipper and ended up cutting off an inch from each side of the skirt, I re-sewed the zipper and hemmed up the skirt. The zipper didn’t insert quite so smoothly the second time and the back looks a little bunch around the zipper (I guess maybe I cut the sides a little unevenly?), but it doesn’t look too bad. Overall it’s pretty cute. I bought some black Kona cotton to make a bow belt (which Tilly goes over in her book).

I’d definitely recommend Love at First Stitch. It is fun to read through, gives some good tips and includes some cute patterns.
Chambray Clemence skirt

Chambray Clemence skirt


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