Coppelia Wrap: Third Try’s the Charm?

I was much happier with my second Coppelia wrap, but it definitely still needed some tweaking before I was ready to cut into my nice fabric. So I pinched and tucked to get a tighter fit on my sweater and then went to altering my paper patter. I ended up taking a few inches out of the back and I took about 1/2″ out of the top front and at the top of the sleeve, and I lengthened the waist by about an inch. I chose to use the same knit horse fabric from Girl Charlee I used for Coppelia #2, but in the blue colorway (I ended up buying this fabric in all 3 colors because I thought it was really cute and had a nice sweater feel to it).

As this was my third time making this pattern I don’t have too much to say about construction, except that I am still not entirely sure how the bottom is all supposed to come together with the neckband and waistband, but oh well, the way I have been doing it seems to be working okay.

Final results are that this third sweater is the best fit so far, but unfortunately I could still use to take out a couple inches from the back. I swear I will get this pattern just right one of these days.


Papercut anima pants and coppelia wrap top #3

Papercut anima pants and coppelia wrap top #3


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