Anima Pants #2 and 3

Since Papercut Patterns was running an anima pant competition [] I decided to sew up a couple more pairs of the anima pants since my first pair was really pretty boring.
For my second pair I choose the full length view again. The fabric I chose was a really purple zigzag patterned super soft merino from The Fabric Store in LA. I made the band out of a gray merino remnant that I also got at The Fabric Store. The second pair came together pretty easily, including the waistband. I serged the elastic to the top of the waistband. I used the recommended 2″ elastic in the waistband this time and it was the regular elastic instead of heavy duty elastic and this made a world of difference. It was so much easier to attach and sew the elastic. Overall I really love these sweatpants. They are super soft and comfy (I wore them on the plane trip from LA to Boston last week and they were nice and cozy).
I decided to try the crop view for my third pair of anima pants. This time I chose a white merino with some streaks of other colors running through it (also from The Fabric Store). I used a fun print for the pockets to add a fun touch to the pants. This pair, like my second pair, sewed up pretty quickly and easily. The crop length is definitely a good length.
The Anima pattern is a good comfy pant pattern that still looks cute and it turns out it was pretty easy to make. I am definitely going to make some more of these pants, maybe shorts next?
Anima pants #2

Anima pants #2

Anima pants - super soft merino

Anima pants – super soft merino


Crop anima pants

Crop anima pants

Fun pocket detail

Fun pocket detail



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