So I have about a whole pile of unblogged makes right, my issue isn’t finding time to blog about them, it’s finding a time to get someone to take a photo of them for me. I really need to figure out a way to photograph myself….

When I started sewing I couldn’t imagine sewing sweatpants. I don’t own sweatpants, I don’t wear sweatpants, why would I own sweatpants. However, I have been finding that I would love to have pants that I can throw on to run outside quickly, something for those times when I’ve already put on lounging around in shorts and it’s not really worth getting re-dressed. So I began looking for a pair of smooshy pants to throw on, but couldn’t find anything I really liked so began to think about making some, but again found no patterns I liked. Then I saw Ginger Makes’ blog post about pattern testing the Anima pants and they were just what I was looking for. I ordered the pattern from Papercut‘s website and shipping was actually really quick (especially considering the pattern came from Australia).

The fabric I used is this really nice sweatshirt material that I got at the Fabric Store that I have been saving for months, it is really nice and cozy. I measured myself and cut a size XS. I sewed the pants almost entirely on my sewing machine except for attaching the elastic to the waistband, where I used my serger. I thought putting the pants together was really easy except for attaching the elastic at the waist. I definitely had to pin every inch or so and not just at 4 points like the pattern suggests. The worst part was sewing the waistband down. I had to re-do it twice. Also, I found that I had to pull on both sides of my elastic to stretch it enough that my hands were killing me by the time I was done. I used some decorative twill tape (although it is more like ribbon) as a waist tie because I couldn’t find any flat cord that wasn’t white anywhere. Where in the heck do people buy drawstrings?

The waistband definitely looks a little less than perfect (uneven stretching I guess), but the twill tape covers up the front so it doesn’t look so bad. Overall I am happy with the way they came out and plan on making more pairs. I did wear my pants for a quick walk to grab food the other day and I have to say that they are definitely not summer weight pants, they were so warm and cozy, I was dying!

Papercut anima pants and coppelia wrap top #3

Papercut anima pants and coppelia wrap top #3


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