Papercut Patters Coppelia Wrap – Take 2

Coppelia wrap #2

Coppelia wrap #2

I am determined to make this sweater fit, so after my cotton jersey version with no alterations, except for tightening the neckband, I tried on the sweater and pinched out some fabric under the arms and in the side. I then got out my traced pattern and adjusted the pattern to take out about an inch from each side of the underarm and an inch on each side. Additionally I lengthened my sleeves by an inch (I like long sleeves). For this version I choose a knit from Girl Charlee that is much more like a sweater knit (it has a looser weave to it?) and I figured it would have a much looser fit than the cotton jersey, so when I sewed the sleeves to the front and back pieces I used a 5/8″ seam allowance instead of the 1cm. When I pinned the sweater sides together it ended up looking a little roomy still so I also took in used a larger seam allowance at the underarm.  Then I took 3″ off each side of the neckband to get a tighter fit.

Hmm...maybe I should lengthen it a bit

Hmm…maybe I should lengthen it a bit

The results are still not perfect. I did get a tighter fit, but it is still too big in the bust area and I am getting some wrinkling at the top. It is also now noticeably large in the back, the fit of the back didn’t seam bad in the last one because it was so big overall. I think for next time I will try to adjust the front of the pattern using Madalynne’s instructions ( in addition to taking it in in the sides/underarm, and I think I will try taking the back in a bit. I swear i will make this pattern work for me!
The fit in the arms is much better now

The fit in the arms is much better now


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