Sewing T-Shirts?

When I first started sewing I couldn’t have imagined sewing a t-shirt, I mean why bother, they are so cheap and unexciting? Well I guess I will have to eat those words as I have now sewn a couple of t-shirts, the Deer and Doe Plantain, Sewaholic’s Renfrew, and now the Tonic Tee by Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chick (SBCC). The Tonic Tee is a free download, it’s hard to argue with free right.

The fabric I used is some Fuchsia Pink Solid Jersey Rayon Spandex Knit Fabric from Girl Charlee that I originally made into a maxi skirt, but it came out too tight (whoops! I’ll have to try that one again). I bought the fabric hoping to make it into leggings, but it was far too thin and see through (even though the website said it was a good bottom weight, buying fabric on-line can be so hard). I added a collar to the t-shirt using a tutorial by Christine Haynes that was posted on the SBCC blog during Sew Indie month. I have to say that my collar drafting could use some work as it didn’t come out quite right….hmmm…Anyways, I used my serger and the t-shirt came together pretty quickly, I sewed in on Friday night, and doesn’t look too bad. I finished the sleeves with a decorative stitch on my sewing machine and it looks okay. The side where I used the Wonder Tape looks much better than the side where I didn’t use it. I ended up not hemming the shirt because it was already pretty short, but it will look fine tucked into a skirt.

Put a collar on it!

Put a collar on it!

This is actually my second Tonic Tee. I made the first one out of a bright green cotton jersey that I got at the Fabric Store. For that version I used the neckband piece from the pattern and the neckband seam has a tendency to roll forwards. I guess when I top-stitched I should have stitched closer to the seam line, but then the top-stitching won’t be right outside the band, so I don’t know… I also lengthened the pattern by 6 inches to try to get a longer tee, but didn’t take into account the fact that I would have to widen for my hips (another whoops), but it looks fine tucked in.  I guess if I make this t-shirt again I will definitely lengthen it, but maybe not quite so much.

Bright Green!

Bright Green!

My overall thoughts is that this is a pretty good free pattern if you are looking to try your hand at sewing t-shirts.

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