Birds and Bees Megan Nielsen Cascade Skirt

During the summer I love wearing long flowy skirts and recently finished the Sewaholic Gabriola and thought that another skirt would be just the thing. I also personally find skirts so much easier to make because I don’t have the same fitting issues that I do when making a dress (because my bottom is actually a normal size that one might find on a pattern :P). I picked out the Cascade skirt by Megan Nielsen, because it looked like it would be perfect easy flowy summer skirt. After my disastrous issues with cutting rayon challis I figured I would give voile a try and ended up getting 3 yards of Tula Pink’s birds and the bees print in yellow.

Birds and the Bees Cascade skirt

Birds and the Bees Cascade skirt

I cut out an XS and I have to say that cutting out voile was a breeze, pretty much just as easy as quilting cotton. I did have an issue finding a space big enough to cut out all of those giant pattern pieces. I tried pinning on the floor then moving to my table…it was an interesting process. The pattern calls for french seams since the skirt is hi-low and you can see the back seams from the front. I had never done french seams before, but found them to be really easy. This was also my first time using a rolled hem foot. I looked up a bunch of tutorials and had trouble figuring out exactly how I was supposed to hold the fabric, but ended up watching a pretty good video on YouTube so I could actually see what was going on. I have to say that the rolled hem did not come out perfectly (not even close), but it doesn’t look too bad. I also used my machine to make a button hole for the first time! It was surprisingly easy; yay automatic buttonhole! I definitely should have made the buttonhole further away from the edge though as I need to pull too much of the skirt out the button hole in order to make the skirt fit tight, I guess I can just add another buttonhole.

From the back

From the back

Mullet skirt ... party in the front, business in back?

Mullet skirt … party in the front, business in back?

(Pardon the terrible pictures, I am terrible in front of the camera and my “photographer” never warns me when he is taking the picture).  My final thoughts on the skirt are that I will definitely need to add something to the skirt to keep it from flying open, because when the breeze was blowing the skirt did want to fly open (Megan gives directions on her blog for adding ties or elastic just for this purpose) and that I am not entirely happy with my fabric choice. I was so happy when this fabric arrived, loving the bright colors and fun print, but wearing the skirt I feel like the color palette is just not me. Oh well, I will still wear it and I think I may try the skirt again, but in another color.


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