Papercut Patterns Coppelia Cardigan

Coppelia Cardigan

Coppelia Cardigan

I saw this sweater on someone’s Instagram during Me Made May and fell in love instantly. I did ballet growing up and adored this ballet pink wrap sweater that I wore to class all the time, it was seriously the best fitting sweater I ever had and seeing the Coppelia brought back some nostalgic ballerina dreams. So when I stopped by the Fabric Store the other weekend and saw they had the Coppelia pattern I snatched it up along with some lovely forest green merino. I have been super excited to sew this up, but after seeing some reviews of the pattern I figured the pattern was not going to fit me very well (hello tiny chest) and decided to try a test version out of a cheaper cotton jersey.

I found the construction of the cardigan to be pretty easy and the directions were pretty clear, except for the step where you attach the neckband to the sweater, I didn’t realize you had to attach it all the way past the bottom of the sweater so then neckband would get caught in the waist tie, whoops. Also, putting on the cuffs last was a bit of a pain because it is hard to sew in such a small circle, but it does make for a nice clean finish.


Hmm...a bit large and bunchy....

Hmm…a bit large and bunchy….

Bat wings anyone?

Bat wings anyone?

Overall the fit isn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be especially since it is a wrap style and I can just pull it tighter. The neckband is definitely not tight enough, it sticks out a lot at the stop, the sleeves are really big at the top, the front is a bit large, and the sleeves could be a bit longer. I guess I need to make some tweaks for when I sew this up in my merino, but since I have never sewn a wrap style or raglan sleeves I am not 100% sure how I am supposed to adjust the fit. Any suggestions?


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