Sewaholic Hollyburn

When Sewaholic was having their birthday sale I picked up the Hollyburn skirt pattern and the Renfrew top pattern as they both looked cute, like something I would wear, and fairly easy. I decided to try the skirt pattern first (big surprise I know) and had a bit  of trouble deciding on the right fabric. I knew I wanted to use a solid fabric because I really don’t own anything plain, but just wasn’t sure what to use. The fabric store didn’t have any denim, none of the linen colors caught my eye and chambray seemed too light, so I finally settled on a green cotton (I’m not really sure what it is, but it sure does wrinkle).

My green Hollyburn

My green Hollyburn

I did have a few issues sewing up this skirt and I think it was just because I was rushing through it. First, it took me a few reads through the instructions to figure out the pocket instructions, for some reason it wasn’t making sense to me. My next snag came when attempting to put on the waistband, I had too much fabric on the skirt to fit on the waistband on one side and instead of taking out the waistband and reattaching I simply hacked off a little bit of the skirt on that side. Of course when I sewed it up and put in the zipper the skirt was uneven, so I basically had to take most of it apart, cut out a new skirt panel and re-sew everything (I really should have just taken off the waistband in the first place, but that is what I get for trying to be lazy). The first time I sewed the zipper in I tried using a decorative houndstooth zipper, but it looked really messy, so when I put the zipper back in I used a matching green zipper and the results were neater, but not perfect (one side of the back is definitely higher than the other even though I hand basted the zipper on before machine sewing it).

You can see the waistband is uneven, oops

You can see the waistband is uneven, oops

I finished the skirt by hemming it by hand. I think it turned out pretty well (if you don’t look too close) despite all the mishaps,  it is pretty cute (except I kind of think it creates roundness over my stomach that is unflattering), and I love a skirt with pockets. I really need to give the skirt a good press and wear it because I finished it a couple weeks ago and just realized I never blogged about it. I think I will try this skirt again in another material and be more careful next time.

I really need to iron out those wrinkles

I really need to iron out those wrinkles


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