My First Shirt! The Plantain

I have been wanting to try sewing shirts for a while now, but because of my small bust and ribcage size I figured I would have a really hard time figuring out how to adjust the pattern so I have mostly been sticking to skirt making. When I came across the Plantain pattern when I purchased my Chardon pattern I downloaded it and figured I would eventually make it). Well, eventually turned out to be this week and here is my plantain!

My Deer and Doe Plantain with deer elbow patches

My Deer and Doe Plantain with deer elbow patches

I used gray stretch jersey for the body of the shirt and I used a knit from GirlCharlee with a deer print for the elbow patches and the neck band. I only bought a yard and a half of the gray jersey and I didn’t have enough to cut out the neckband; this did cause a bit of an issue because the deer fabric had a lot less stretch than the gray so I had to stretch the neckband a lot when attaching it to the shirt. I cut out a straight size 34, but lengthened the sleeves by about 1.5 to 2 inches (I have long arms and like super long sleeves). I sewed up most of the shirt on my serger, but then attached the neckband and did the hems and elbow patches with my sewing machine. This was my first time using a double needle, which didn’t turn out to be hard at all (except I probably should have been more careful about trying to sew more neatly around the neckband, oops). Overall the shirt fits and it doesn’t look too bad, I just wish it had come out a little bit neater. I guess that’s what I get for being overly excited to finish a project. I hope to eventually take some decent pictures of the top, but it was almost midnight by the time I finished last night so all I could manage was a dark floor picture 😛


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