Successfully Wearing my Handmadeables

So I wrote a post a while back about trying to wear more of my handmade items and I just wanted to report back that I have succeeded! The last few weeks I have managed to wear a handmade item at least one day over the weekend. This past Friday I actually wore my second Colette Laurel out to dinner (even though I still want to go back to adjust the bias tape in the back)! Happily I can report that there were no handmade dress disasters, no sleeves falling off or zippers becoming unattached, Yay! On Saturday I wore my pink and navy pocket skirt that I made in sewing class. I guess I better start sewing some tops to go with all the skirts I have made.


All ready for dinner in my Lineage Laurel

All ready for dinner in my Lineage Laurel


2 thoughts on “Successfully Wearing my Handmadeables

  1. 🙂 The first time I wore one of my homemade items I did just the same as this! I somehow thought it would disintegrate by lunch. There’s definitely a skill to matching what you want (and are able to) sew with what you actually want to wear…

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