My Second Colette Laurel

So I just finished my second Colette Laurel (well I finished it last Thursday, but was too distracted to post about it). I made my second Laurel at home as homework while I was making my first Laurel in class. For my second dress I chose lineage by Anna Maria Horner, another quilting cotton featuring a fun deer print.

I did encounter a few issues while making my second dress at home that I did not have during class, but I guess that is the point of trying things on your own. First, I cut out the front of my dress with the deer facing the wrong way (whoops), at least I had enough fabric to cut out a second front, then I cut out two of the same sleeves (whoops again), I finally did manage to cut out all the pieces correctly. Then when I put in my invisible zipper I noticed that the tops of the zipper didn’t line up perfectly even though I had measured so carefully, D’oh! My last issue came when it was time to cut the bias tape. Since I waited until the end to cut my bias tape (which we did in our first class) I forgot how to measure to get the 45 degree angle using my clear ruler. I ended up Googling and Pin-ning many bias tape tutorials.

The dress is all finished and I think it came out cute. I think if I do the Laurel again then I might want to nip it in a bit at the waist and hips, but that is a project for another day!

My second Laurel

My second Laurel


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