Colette Laurel dress

Laurel by Colette

Laurel by Colette

In my kitty dress holding my kitty

In my kitty dress holding my kitt















Initially when I was looking for a place to sewing classes I was drawn to Sew LA because the classes they offered were garments that I was interested in making, including the Laurel dress by Colette. I had independently purchased the Laurel pattern before I ever heard of Sew La, figuring I would get around to making the dress eventually. I was, however, intimidated by the fact that Colette drafts its patterns for a C-cup (I am not even an A-cup), so when Sew LA offered a Laurel class, I decided to sign up.  The fabric I chose was kitty dreams in grass by Lizzy House (I can’t resist a crazy cat print). During the first class my teacher did a small bust adjustment on my pattern, it was really cool to see, and hopefully one of these days I can do it on my own. Then we cut out our pattern pieces and sewed our darts. During the second class we did our stay stitching,  installed our invisible zippers, and sewed the sides together, during our third class we installed the set in sleeves (ugh, sleeves are the worst), and during our last class we made our bias tape and attached it to the neckline, then we hand stitched our hems and the teacher talked showed us how to alter the pattern if the dress didn’t fit quite right and discussed how to do variations on the pattern.

During this class I picked up quite a few new skills:

1. Darts;

2. Invisible zippers;

3. Set in sleeves; and

4. Bias tape.

I think the dress came out really cute and I am almost done with my homework/practice Laurel dress (I’m waiting for my bias tape maker to come in the mail because I forgot to buy one!).

Side view of my kitty laurel

Side view of my kitty laurel

My kitty Laurel

My kitty Laurel

ooh, invisible zipper

ooh, invisible zipper



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