What About Fabric Lists?

So now that I am thinking about my long “things I want to sew” list (you can see my earlier post regarding that) it occurred to me that I also make fabric lists (mental lists of all of the fabrics I want to buy). Currently on my list is:

1. Kitty Dreams in cranberry by Lizzy House (I am making a Colette Laurel dress out of it in the blue right now);

2. Glitz border print in white and mint by Michael Miller;

3. Lineage in taffy by Anna Maria Horner;

4. The new double gauze Horaguchi Kayo for Kokka fabric; and

5. I’m looking for the perfect knit for my Coco dress.

Whenever I see fabric that I like I want to buy it because I am afraid it will become impossible to find. I think my fear comes from the fact that I was desperately looking for this Disney Alice in Wonderland japanese fabric that I think might have been Kokka that was just so cute but sold out everywhere. I know it makes more sense to decide on a project and then pick out the appropriate fabric, but I am afraid to wait, plus buying fabric is so fun!

So does anyone else make fabric lists? Does anyone else buy fabric and then assume a pattern/project will come up where you can use it? or do you wait to buy fabric until you have a pattern picked out?


One thought on “What About Fabric Lists?

  1. I used to buy fabric because I liked it but I now try to buy with a pattern in mind because I can then buy the amount I’ll actually need for the project. I think that is working better for me.

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