Sewing What I Reap or I Guess Wearing What I Sew?

I have rarely worn what I have made (except of course to try it on).  There are many reasons why I think this is so, 1) I am pretty new to garment sewing, so don’t have a ton of things to choose from, 2) Nothing I have made is work appropriate so I really only have the chance to wear things I have made on the weekend, 3) I’m secretly terrified that what I have made is going to fall apart while I am wearing it.  But now that I have made a few articles of clothing (to date: 7 skirts, but I need to shorten the hem of one, 2 dresses, with 2 more in the works, and 2 pairs of leggings) and I am pretty sure they are well-constructed/sturdy enough that they won’t fall apart on me I figured that I should really start making an effort to wear some of the items I have sewn at least on weekends. A few weekends ago I wore a polkadot full-circle skirt I made out of a 50s pattern; I loved the float and movement of the skirt, but I did feel a little self conscious wearing it. This past weekend I wore handmade clothing on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I wore a gathered skirt that I made out of Joli Pomme fabric that has cats and rabbits and flowers on it. It is one of the first garments I made and I actually really love it because the fabric is so fun. Sunday I wore my “homework” dress from the first sewing class. The dress isn’t a style that I would typically pick for myself, but the dress is comfortable and the fabric is really fun.


Wearing a dress I made...

Wearing a dress I made…

Wearing my Joli Pomme skirt; I wish I had gotten a better picture of it

Wearing my Joli Pomme skirt; I wish I had gotten a better picture of it

I guess the lesson to learn here is to choose things to sew that will fit into my weekend wardrobe, that will be weather appropriate and that I like.

Does anyone else have issues wearing what they sew?


2 thoughts on “Sewing What I Reap or I Guess Wearing What I Sew?

  1. I wear self-made clothes multiple times a week so I suppose I don’t really have issues with it. The things that get worn most often though are t-shirts and cardigans. I have made several skirts but I don’t wear those as often because I’m not really in the habit of wearing them. I want to change that and I think I’ll need to buy more tights that work well with the skirts that I have.

    • I wish I could manage to wear what I sew that often. I hope that as I become better at sewing and choosing fabrics that it will become easier for me to wear what I have made. I wear skirts and tights pretty much everyday, so sewing skirts is probably a good choice for me!

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