The Urge to Serge?

My main goal in sewing is to make clothes for myself and I pretty much live in dresses and leggings. During winter I like to wear leggings with long tops that cover my butt, however, finding long tops the last few seasons has been impossible. So I figured I should be able to make myself some in exactly the length I want. When I began looking up tutorials for making t-shirts/knit tunics, everyone was making them on a serger, which I don’t have. I know that everyone says you don’t need a serger and that you can do everything on your regular sewing machine, but everyone seemed to be gushing about how awesome it was to sew knits on a serger. Since I was interested in sewing knits I started looking up sergers. During my research I noticed a few things 1) sergers are expensive, 2) sergers are confusing, and 3) sergers are scary looking. Since I have never even touched a serger before, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a serger in case it wasn’t something I liked or found that I wanted to use. I know in my post about sewing machine shopping I said what a mistake it was to buy a cheap sewing machine, because it is just not worth the aggravation, so maybe I will be making the same mistake twice, I guess time will tell. So I began looking at the lower end sergers. I looked at the Brother 1034dwhich had good on-line reviews and the price was low ($190). Then since I just bought a Juki sewing machine I began looking at Juki sergers. The Jukis started pretty reasonable at about $250 for the MO-50e, then went up to about $289 for the MO-51e, then the prices started to jump to about $300 for the 644D and $400 for the 654DE. People on were recommending getting the 654DE, but since I just bought a new sewing machine that wasn’t really in my budget. So I was debating between the Brother (because it was slightly cheaper) and the MO-50E (because I really love my Juki sewing machine). I ended up finding the MO-50E for slightly less and with a coupon it turned out to be the same price as the Brother so I ordered it.

I anxiously awaited its arrival and quickly unboxed it after getting it home. Once I had it out of the box, however, I really had no idea what I was doing. I attempted to thread it and play with it, but the tension was clearly not correct. I had signed up for an introduction to serger class at Sew LA for the next weekend so I figured I would just leave it alone until after class. Fingers crossed I didn’t make a mistake by buying a cheapy serger.


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