Testing a Pattern

Pocket skirt from test pattern

Pocket skirt from test pattern

So I had the opportunity to participate in a class at Sew LA where we were testing a pattern that the owner of the shop, Shaerie, is creating. The pattern we were testing is a skirt with front pockets intended as a beginner project (which is good as I had only completed one sewing class). Basically the point of the class is to make sure the pattern works in each size and to make sure there are no errors in it. The day of the class was super rainy (which is rare for LA), so I was a bit nervous about lugging my machine in the rain, but it was only a short distance from the car and it was find. I decided to pick out fabric at the shop because I didn’t really have anything appropriate at home. I picked out a pink and navy plaid-esque material; I was really tempted by pink cat heads, but figured I should be slightly more normal (everyone else in class brought plain fabric with them). I set up my machine and we were all given layout instructions, our paper patterns and instructions. While we laid out our pattern pieces Shaerie came around and made sure all of our pattern pieces fit on our fabric and she measured how much fabric each pattern took (each student was testing a different size of the pattern). We then cut out our pattern pieces, looking for any missed notches, and began sewing them together, making sure all the pieces fit together correctly. By the end of the first class I had a skirt front with two pockets. During our second class we sewed on the other side of the skirt, made our elastic casing, added our elastic and hemmed our skirts and voila! a completed skirt. My skirt turned out really cute (I don’t have any pictures of it on that don’t show my messy apartment :P) and Shaerie promised us all finalized patterns in our sizes once the pattern is completed. I started making the short version of the skirt and will have to post some pics when I am done.


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