Chardon Skirt – Easy Beginner Pattern?

My finished Chardon skirt
My Chardon skirt
I fell in love with the Deer and Doe Belladone dress pattern, but knew that it is too advanced for me, so I figured I could try out one of their beginner patterns. Since everyone on-line was saying how great a beginner pattern the Chardon skirt was and it looked really cute I figured I would give it a try. I ordered my pattern from Deer and Doe’s website (getting mail from France was pretty neat) and bought some lovely lightweight chambray from Sew LA and got to work.
This skirt had a few techniques that I had never done before, including pockets, inverted box pleats a facing instead of a waistband, belt loops and hemming with bias tape. I have to say that although it may not be a hard skirt to sew, but since I had never done some of these techniques before I found the directions to be a bit lacking. I had to look up directions for the pleats on-line since the pattern instructions weren’t that clear to me; also there was no dotted line on the pattern to mark the middle of the pleat, which I thought would be helpful.  Additionally after I marked and pinned my pleats my cat decided to nap on my skirt and then pull out a bunch of pins, so the pleat weren’t quite as uniform as they should have been (my middle pleat came out much too small, whoops). Besides that I thought the pleats actually came out pretty well.

Next came the belt loops which were not successful (you can see they didn’t make it onto the skirt). I folded, sewed and ironed my belt loops and went to attach them to my skirt, but wasn’t really sure where to place them. There were no markings on the pattern pieces and the directions showed a picture of placement, but I didn’t know if the picture was accounting for seam allowances and since I hadn’t attached the facing yet, I wasn’t 100% sure where the top of the skirt would be. I placed the belt loops where I thought they should go and then the directions just say to attach the belt loops, so I sewed on 2, but because my fabric was so lightweight, the fabric was sliding and belt loop was kind of spreading out; it didn’t look good. I ended up taking them off. My mom suggetsted interfacing the belt loops and using paper to stabilize the fabric – maybe next time.

I attached the facing with no problem and then inserted the zipper. The pattern calls for a regular zipper so that is what I used. The zipper insertion could have been neater; my stitches definitely get wonky around the zipper pull. The last step was to hem with bias tape. I used store bought bias tape and I learned the hard way about the dangers of using polyester bias tape. When I was ironing my bias tape down the iron definitely scorched the tape a bit….whoops.

My scorched bias tape o.O

My scorched bias tape o.O

After all the mishaps sewing this skirt up I thought it would be a complete disaster, but it didn’t turn out nearly as bad as I thought it would. I bought some linen to try this skirt again. I wish I had waited to take a better picture or the skirt on, but oh well.

I love pockets!

I love pockets!


One thought on “Chardon Skirt – Easy Beginner Pattern?

  1. Its very cute! I like the way it came out. I think I will try to make my own skirt in a few weeks once I find the exact fabric i want 🙂

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