My First Sewing Class

A couple weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and took my first sewing class. I feel like I have been doing a pretty good job plugging away at little projects while learning to sew, but I really wanted to progress in my sewing and honestly had no idea if I was doing things correctly. So I started searching on the internet to see who offered classes in my area, that I would be interested in, at times that I would be able to attend (I work full time so knew I would only be able to take class on the weekend). The first thing I noticed was that most classes were based around completing a project. I had no interest in making something I didn’t like, so I had to add that to my list of things to look for. I read reviews on Yelp and of course there were mixed reviews for every class. I stumbled upon Sew LAs website and noticed that the store looked cute, the location was only about 9 miles away from me, the classes they offered were for patterns I liked (I even had one of the dress patterns they were offering classes for); so I looked at their class schedule and signed up for a beginner class that weekend.

After signing up for class I was pretty nervous; I have slight social anxiety about meeting new people and being in new situations and I was afraid they would tell me I was sewing everything incorrectly. I even had trouble sleeping the night before class. The morning of my class I packed up my sewing machine and gathered my Hello Kitty sewing box and headed off to class. I felt a bit better after meeting my teacher, as she was young, friendly and wearing a shirt and skirt combo that she had sewn herself. The class was small and it moved at a good pace. By the time I was done with the two class sessions I had learned some new tricks, I felt pretty good about my sewing progress, and I had a new dress. I liked class so much that I signed up for a second class at Sew LA for the next weekend!

Looking a little crazy, but wearing a dress that I made myself!



4 thoughts on “My First Sewing Class

  1. It looks very good! Glad you enjoyed the class. I always like the interactions with people that share the same interests.
    The organization of your bookshelves looks very much like mine…

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