My new Juki F-600

Since purchasing my new Juki F-600 I have been really making an effort to make time to sew, which can be difficult when you have a full time job, try to make an effort to exercise regularly, have a house that needs to be cleaned, and have a boyfriend who doesn’t like to leave you alone when you try to craft. But since getting my Juki I have managed a few small projects that I could work on during the week. I am also attempting to make use of some of my smaller amounts of fabric (when I first decided I wanted to sew I started purchasing cute fabric in 1/4 to 1 yard increments with no idea of what I wanted to make with it).

I made a cute retro apron using Butterick B5579;


envelope pillow covers out of a canvas with cats on it that look like my russian blue Wyatt;


a fabric bin out of blue crab fabric;


a bow pouch out of Kokka cat fabric (this project wasn’t quite successful as the bow is puckering the sides of the pouch, but I think I will give it another try);


a zippered bow clutch;


and I sewed two tshirts together to make a ruffled beach cover-up (my Juki handled the knit like a dream, I however, was too eager to sew quickly and it didn’t turn out as neat as it could).


But overall I am pretty happy with the amount of sewing I have gotten done so far.  Also, I have to say that I love my Juki!


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