Being a Maid of Honor Is a Good Excuse to Be Crafty

My younger sister got married this past December and I had the privilege of being her maid of honor. I was honored that she chose me, but being a maid of honor is quite a bit of work, especially when you are living across the country from the rest of the bridal party. A lot of my time last year was spent putting together a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and flying back and forth between LA and Boston. At least I can say that hosting these events was a good excuse for me to get crafty. I spent may hours searching Pinterest for ideas. While on Pinterest, I also created many boards full of bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, accessories, hair, etc that I shared with the bride, and then I created secret boards for the bridal shower and bachelorette for my own use that I later shared with the bride (you can see my boards on my Pinterest page

For the bridal shower I decided on hosting a tea party, so picked a venue that offered tea. For theme I was thinking vintage/Marie Antoinette and the color scheme I chose was pink, vintage blue and gold. I had pinned a tutorial for paper pomanders on Pinterest and went from there. For centerpieces I made paper pomanders in pink and gold and put them in tea cups. I made a special pomander out of fabric flowers and gem corsage pins for the bride. While I was punching all those paper flowers, I punched some extras in different colors to make floral confetti to scatter on the tables.
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For favors I put loose leaf tea in a plastic vial and attached tags with a description of the tea with bakers twine. I wanted to make those cute little macaron coin purses that I had seen on Pinterest, but realized I did not have time to make 45 hand sewn coin purses – I think I ended up making 2. Thankfully my mom is crafty and said she would “help” so I bought the supplies and she made all of the little coin purses. I wrapped the favors up in blue and pink italian crepe paper with silk ribbon to look like little crackers. Additionally my bf’s co-worker made handmade petit four and fan shaped soaps that I placed on a cute cake stand that guests could choose from.

For other decorations, I picked out very pretty Lecein fabrics and sewed a bunting with the bride and groom’s names (my first time using Heat N’ Bond), my mom and my sister’s new MIL put together picture boards of the bride and groom, I (and my mom) made tons of origami bows that we hung from tables with mini clothespins and bakers twine. I put together a sort of greeting table which held the guest book (it was made for me on Etsy and featured Marie Antoinette), a little suitcase for cards (I made a little paper bunting which read “C-A-R-D-S”, some mini paper pomanders in mini tea cups.

IMG_1470  IMG_1460
For games we played bridal bingo, White Christmas Trivia (her wedding was White Christmas themed), romantic movie trivia,  and then “Who has the Groom?” which was a good excuse to play with scissor and glue.
Thankfully the bachelorette party was less labor intensive and I only made a few things. I made bachelorette survival kits for each attendee which consisted of a sewn zippered pouch – I sewed both flat pouches and stand up pouches (I broker quite a few needles sewing over zippers, whoops), foldover elastic hair ties (I made like 200 of these and then like 200 more for XMas), gum, mini nail polish, bandaids, etc. I filled a pinata with nips (in plastic bottles of course), candy, and pink beads, I had bridal party tank tops made by someone on Etsy for the bridal party.  One of the other bridesmaids made a cake that may have been shaped like a part of the male anatomy (even though I said my only rules were no penises and no puking).

Overall being a maid of honor was a pretty stressful experience, but if you find yourself in a wedding party I would recommend thinking about DIY-ing some of it, as it can be really fun if you like that kind of thing and it is a good excuse to bust out some of your craft supplies.


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