Begginer Projects that I made with my Brother XL2610

I recently replaced my first sewing machine (my Brother XL2610) with a new machine (my beloved Jukie F-600), and while I have to say my Brother drove me crazy with all of its tension issues, I did manage to sew quite a few little projects on it. I just wanted to share a few of the things I made with my Brother, which I think are all pretty good beginner projects.

I made a few skirts for myself (a gathered skirt with a zipper, a gathered skirt with an elastic waste, a full circle skirt, a taffeta party skirt and a little tutu); I made a couple skirts for my nieces; I made a few knit infinity scarves; I made an apron;  I made like 20 zippered pouches; I made a bunting; and As mentioned in a prior post, I made some doll clothes, etc ( you can see some pictures of some of my projects below). I’m hoping that after investing in my new sewing machine that I will be sewing a lot more frequently.






2 thoughts on “Begginer Projects that I made with my Brother XL2610

    • @Sewing with scoobys Thanks! I am really hoping to get better at sewing and the only way to do that is to practice, so I need to find more time to sew!

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