Tiny sewing is not the best place to start



So I collect Blythe dolls (if you don’t know what they are look them up, they’re neat) and people sew tiny amazing outfits for them featuring shrunken down couture designs and beautiful mini details. When I first got my sewing machine I had dreams of making dresses for my dolls. I looked up patterns online, started cutting out little outfits out of fat quarters, and sat down to sew. What I learned is that tiny sewing is hard. Curving around tiny neck openings and sewing hems on little sleeves was impossible for me a begginer, and resulted in quite a bit of frustration. Because the pieces were so small, whenever I made a little mistake most likely the entire piece had to be thrown out because the fabric got too chewed up. And I don’t like thinking about sewing tiny knits, my Brother likes to eat tiny knits for breakfast no matter how many coffee liners I put under the fabric. I did manage to sew a number of gathered skirts, a pleated skirt, a jumper, a few dresses and some not fantastic t-shirts, but I came to the conclusion that maybe I should learn to sew on a larger scale before attempting tiny sewing. It was at that point that I began focusing on sewing clothes for myself and I have become really excited by the idea for a couple reasons, 1) I am really small on top and buying clothes off the rack can be impossible, and 2) I am drawn to fun prints and funky (perhaps odd) pieces and I find that I am often looking for something that I just can’t find in the stores, so I thought sewing for myself could be a really great opportunity to make clothes that fit my body and my personality.


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