Learning to sew is hard



This blog is supposed to chronicle my path to learning to sew, so I will start at the beginning. I grew up with a mother who was a sewer. My mother had been sewing since she was 5, she got her first sewing machine (which she still has) at the age of 8. My mother sewed many of our clothes, special dresses for Easter, Halloween costumes, baby quilts for anyone who was having a baby, full size quilts.  I remember always being interested in sewing (I have always liked crafts and making things), but being too afraid to ask my mother to teach me and I guess by the time you get to your 6th child, you are tired of trying to teach people to sew.  Suffice it to say, I never learned to sew.

After graduating from school I moved across the country away from all my friends and family and everything that I knew. I began spending more time on my hobbies and began looking for new hobbies to fill my time and loneliness. i expressed an interest in sewing and in 2011 for my birthday my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine. It was pink and cute and I soon got a table and chair and set up my machine. I found myself being lost as to where to start; I had no idea what a good beginner sewing project would be and sewing quickly became frustrating. The only place to set up my machine was in my bedroom and I just did not find myself wanting to sit in there to sew. I soon lost much interest in my sewing machine.

Last year we moved to a two bedroom apartment and I set up my sewing machine in the second bedroom and told myself I was going to make a more concerted effort to learn to sew. Last year a lot of my time was taken up by my sister’s wedding (I was the MOH), so all things considering I think I have been doing pretty well in achieving my goal of sewing more. 


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