Intro to Leather

My first leather project

My first leather project

I was pretty excited when I heard that Sew LA was going to be offering an intro to leather class. I obsessively checked the class schedule to see when the class would be added and signed up as soon as I saw it pop up. The class was to make a cute little leather pouch, which didn’t seem too bad. When I got to class we got to choose our pouch kits, I chose a nice bronze leather with gold zipper. The leather was really soft and supple and thin enough for our regular sewing machines to sew through.

The instructor Rebecca gave us a background on the properties of leather, buying leather, what was special about sewing with leather, etc. We then got to work. We used leather needles in our machines, some stabilizer around the edges where we would be sewing and Wonderclips. Otherwise I would say that sewing with leather was pretty similar to regular sewing. I am happy to say that my Juki sewed through the leather quite well even without the stabilizer (I actually hated using the stabilizer, it was just too hard to see my seams and it didn’t want to stay in place).

The zipper doesn't look too bad

The zipper doesn’t look too bad

I think my pouch came out fairly well (far from perfect). I thought the whole experience was pretty fun and even bought a second kit to make a pouch for my sister. I am definitely looking forward to trying more leather projects.

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